About Helen Andrews

If you are interested in learning about home mortgage loans, you have come to the right place. Hello, my name is Helen Andrews. I am a 44-year-old married mother with three children. I am also a loan officer for a large bank. And that is how I came to have gotten the idea for this website.

During my regular workday, I come into contact with people who are looking to apply for a mortgage loan. Some of these people are first time buyers, while others have purchased a home before. However, what strikes me about all of these individuals is that they know very little about the application process.

Some of the people I work with have no idea what factors I look at when applying or deny their loan. Some have no idea about the different types of mortgages available. And some have no idea the impact that credit has on their loan.

Learning about how the process works can get your ducks in a row when you go to apply for a loan. On this site, I will explain:
How the loan process works
What information you need to bring with you
What type of mortgage loan you should be applying for How to bring your credit score up before you apply

While I may not be able to reach everyone with my website, I hope to reach enough people so that I can make a difference.